Build your own lunch

Build your own lunch

Who’s Cerys?

Cerys is a blogger and Mummy of two; T and J. She blogs over at Rainy Day Mum where she talks about activities, family food, travelling and parenting in general.

Build your own lunch

Heading back to school it’s time to dig out our lunch boxes and get ready for another year of packing food that will keep the kids full of energy the whole day through, but it’s not all joy for us as I have two picky eaters, so we’re 

now working at increasing the food that they will eat by getting them involved in the kitchen and cooking with us. As well as giving them healthy food that will provide all of the nutrients. Over the summer both did get a little bored of sliced bread, particularly the crusts, so this year we’re trying alternatives to bread in our lunch boxes and our ‘Build your own Lunch’ has been a real hit with both.

What you need

  • A segmented lunchbox
  • Selection of different salad (cucumber and tomatoes are my kids favourites)
  • Pitta bread, wrap or crackers
  • Ham and Cheese
  • Flora Light
  • Salad dressing (optional)

Step by Step

The kids love getting involved helping to make their lunches and because this will easily store in the fridge overnight, it’s a great opportunity to spend some one on one time with them as they get creative in the kitchen!

  1. Start with spreading Flora Light onto halves of pitta bread

    Build your own lunch
  2. Cut or tear the pitta bread into manageable triangles
  3. Build your own lunch
  4. Then the kids can cut the cherry tomatoes into slices (I keep an eye on them, but they feel really grown up chopping their own lunch and they get way more excited to eat it!) Build your own lunch
  5. They can cut cumber into slices too Build your own lunch
  6. Tear up the ham into small sections, ideal to be added to the pitta, and cut the cheese into thin slices or cubes (add a salad dressing if your child likes it) Build your own lunch
  7. Put all the tasty ingredients into segmented lunch boxes – keeping everything (especially the tomatoes) separate from the pittas means they won’t go soggy! Build your own lunch