Halloween bat costume

Halloween bat costume

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Halloween is almost upon us, giant pumpkins are already piled up waiting to be carved into ghoulish faces and all the chatter around here is about costume planning and apple bobbing. We always make our own costumes, every year the older kids’ get more ghoulish while I am always a witch with broomstick and smoking cauldron. We usually stick to the traditional Halloween costumes and over the years we have made skeletons, giants, pumpkins and all sorts of ghosties and ghoulies, most of them are really simple to make and can then be jazzed up as much as the children's imagination allows.

Halloween is a fabulous creative learning opportunity for kids, making costumes from scratch encourages them to get stuck in and problem solve and there are lots of possibilities for getting mucky with paint and glue!

How to make a Halloween bat costume

You Will Need

  • Black fabric (I always use fleece because it cuts without fraying and there is no need for hemming)
  • Black gloves
  • Black trousers and top
  • Black woolly hat
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread or 3 safety pins


  1. Get your child to hold the fabric between thumb and forefinger of each hand and stretch their arms as wide as they will go so you can measure their wing span. 
  2. Cut a rectangle of the fabric the width of their wingspan and long enough to reach the back of their knees Crafts-HalloBat1-mobmulti[Am].jpg
  3. Fold the rectangle in half widthways and chalk a semi-circle from bottom left corner to top right corner.
  4. Chalk smaller semi circles all the way up your large one Crafts-HalloBat2-mobmulti[Am].jpg
  5. Cut along the chalk lines
  6. Sew or safety-pin the middle of the fabric at the top of the wings to the middle of the black t-shirt collar
  7. Sew or safety-pin the tips of the wings to the wrists of the gloves
  8. Add black hat and, Hey Presto, one spooky black bat! Easily jazzed up by adding some glow in the dark paint for extra spookiness! Crafts-HalloBat3-mobmulti[Am].jpg