Flora sustainability

Flora sustainability

Flora’s Plant Story

At Flora, we understand that keeping families healthy and happy always comes first. But we believe we can make products that answer to this mission whilst also reducing impact on the planet compared to dairy-based alternatives. Take a look at our story below and you’ll see why plant-based foods are better for the environment!

What are plant-based foods?

First let’s look at what we mean by plant-based foods. Many studies show us that reducing the environmental impact of our food is possible by shifting to a more plant-based diet from animal-based foods. According to The United Nations, alternatives to dairy products cause fewer emissions and require fewer resources . This is because to raise and feed the animals that feed us uses a lot of land and energy. Estimates have been made that livestock and its feed production is responsible for 80% of land use by humans! 

The emissions of greenhouse gases highly depend on farming, transport and growing methods. Ruminant animals that eat plants, like cows, cause high greenhouse gas emissions consisting of methane, which is formed during digestion and nitrous oxide coming from their waste. 

What makes Flora better for the environment?

Our spreads are made with a blend of vegetable oils. While spreads contain dairy proteins, the ones that do have significantly less than other non plant-based spreads2. Several scientific studies found that the production of spreads based on vegetable oils has significantly less greenhouse gas emissions and use less land than a dairy spread (i.e. butter). 

1 E. Hertwich, Assessing the environmental impacts of consumption and production: priority products and materials UNEP/Earthprint, 2010.

2In the UK, Flora Original, Flora Buttery and Flora Light contain around 1% of milk protein. Flora Freedom is dairy free. Gold from Flora is a mélange and contains vegetable and dairy fats.

As you can see, Flora is not only dedicated to making spreads that are healthy and delicious, but products that are better for the planet too. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy our spreads powered by plants!