Healthy snacks ideas

Eating healthy snacks ideas

Snack ideas for busy mums

Looking after a family is a busy job, so it’s no surprise if you occasionally have to skip meals or grab a chocolate bar to keep you going. But a healthy family starts with a healthy mum, and when you opt for nutritious snacks, you’ll have more energy and feel more confident about ensuring everyone else is eating well. Read on for a few tips.

Swap your snacks for better choices

If you don’t keep unhealthy snacks in the house, it’s a lot harder to eat them! Think about what snack swaps you can do – for example, trade chocolate bars for chocolate-covered rice cakes or crisps for crackers and cottage cheese. And make sure the fruit bowl is always stocked up and in sight. That way, there’s always something healthy at hand when you need it.

Pair snacks for well-balanced nibbles

Want to make sure your snack is nutritionally balanced? Here’s an easy way to do it. Try composing snacks using four groups of food: protein (eg cooked meat, yoghurt or cheese), cereals (eg bread or crackers, preferably wholemeal variants, spread with Flora), fruit (which can include some dried fruit or a smoothie) and vegetables. Just choose two foods from the groups – eg yoghurt and fruit, cheese and crackers or chicken and veg crudités – and you’ve got yourself a quick, balanced snack.  

Plan ahead with more wholesome sweet treats

Cakes and bakes can be more satisfying when you make them yourself and you know exactly what’s in them. Why not make fruit loaf, savoury muffins or cereal bars at the weekend, and keep them in an airproof container to enjoy during the week? Swap butter for Flora when you bake them – Flora Buttery has 70% less saturated fat. And, as well as making lighter, fluffier bakes, it gives you a little extra plant-powered goodness with omegas 3 and 6.

Sandwiches make speedy meals

The humble sandwich is actually rather mighty when you think about it – there’s no cooking time, it’s super-fast and, chances are, you’ll already have everything you need in the kitchen. Just a couple of slices of bread spread with Flora, plus cheese, salad, ham, tuna… whatever you like! So that means no more meal-skipping. Check out our easy sandwich recipes.