Healthy dinner ideas

Eating healthy dinner ideas

Why mealtime is together time

From toddlers to teenagers, sitting down to eat together has so many benefits for kids. Younger children start to learn table manners and social skills, and if they’re not eating ‘grown-up’ food yet, it’s a great opportunity to let them try little tastes. Older children and teenagers still need family time, and they’ll love the chance to talk about their days. Here’s how you can make the most of meal times.

Get the kids involved

Even the youngest kids can help with getting dinner ready – they can tear up herbs with their hands or decide on the seating plan. Older children can lay the table, and teenagers can help with chopping and preparing vegetables. It’s a great way to start teaching them how to cook for themselves. 

Talking, not tapping

If you struggle to pry everyone away from social media, here’s a good compromise: allow phones at the table, but the rule is that they’re only to be used to spark conversation. So, sharing photos or looking up interesting facts are ok – but noses buried in phones for the whole of dinner aren’t allowed. 

If you’re busy, it doesn’t have to be every night

There might be many reasons why you can’t all eat together every night – maybe someone works late or the kids have lots of after-school activities on. If that’s the case, why not make time on, say, Sunday evenings for a big, special family meal? We’ve got a delicious recipe for Roast Lamb with Garlic, Lemon and Rosemary. And if there’s time in the mornings, make breakfast your time to catch up.

What to cook for family meals?

We’ve got plenty of great ideas for quick family meals – like our Thai Chicken Curry or Spaghetti Carbonara – all with the yumminess of Flora, for tasty dishes with lower saturated fat than butter. And if you’ve got more time, cook a family feast – why not try our hearty Lamb Tagine, Veggie Frittas or tasty Chicken Burritos? Delicious!