Glitter snowflakes

Glitter snowflakes

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Oh the weather outside is frightful... so why not gather up some craft supplies, and make some Christmas decorations with the kids? It's a fun way to spend an afternoon when it's cold and wet outside!

Glitter Snowflakes

These are so easy to make, and so pretty too! You just need a little patience while the glue dries before using them to decorate the windows of your home. You can find lots of snowflake templates online, just find one (or several) that you like, print them off, and away you go. You could use simple snowflake designs for younger children and with more intricate designs for older ones.

You Will Need

  • Snowflake template
  • Clear plastic sleeve - the kind you use in ringbinders
  • PVA glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Glitter - your choice of colour
  • Glue dots to stick up the finished snowflakes


  1. Print your snowflake to fit an A4 sheet of paper and insert into a clear plastic sleeve.
  2. Following the template, use the paintbrush to apply a thick layer of glue on the plastic sleeve. You will need to work fairly quickly, so that the glue doesn't start drying out.
  3. Glitter snowflakes
  4. When you have completed the design, sprinkle glitter over the entire gluey snowflake, making sure everything is well covered.
  5. Glitter snowflakes
  6. Gently tip the extra glitter off onto a sheet of paper, and put it back into the pot for the next one. Leave to dry for several hours (12 to 24 is best).
  7. Glitter snowflakes
  8. Carefully peel the glitter snowflake away from plastic sleeve.
  9. Glitter snowflakes
  10. To attach your glitter snowflake to a window, apply glue dots to the back of the snowflake and press against the glass.

Glitter snowflakes