Halloween party ideas

Halloween party ideas

Who’s Holly Bell?

Holly is a blogger, wife, mum to 3 boys and an ex contestant on the 2011 Great British Bake-off! She blogs over at Recipes from a Normal Mum, sharing delicious, everyday recipes for the whole family.

Halloween ideas from Holly

Every year we throw a Halloween party for our eldest two boys and their pals. The party is always fancy dress and starts in the late afternoon so we can take full advantage of a dark garden for sparklers and a few fireworks. Every parent brings a dish to lighten the load. Over the years they’ve enjoyed:

  • Hot dog mummies, where sausages are wrapped in pastry strips and two olive halves poke out as eyes Crafts-HalloweenParty1-mobmulti[Am].jpg

  • Carved peppers (pumpkin style) filled with noodle ‘brains’ Crafts-HalloweenParty2-mobmulti[Am].jpg

  • Creepy crawly jelly pots, where spiders sit on top of dirt (ground up Oreo cookies) over a jelly swamp Crafts-HalloweenParty3-mobmulti[Am].jpg

  • Jelly worms, where jelly is poured into vertical straws and allowed to set before being released Crafts-HalloweenParty4-mobmulti[Am].jpg

  • Nectarine pumpkins, where nectarines are peeled and a slice of celery is poked into the middle as a stalk Crafts-HalloweenParty5-mobmulti[Am].jpg

  • Drinks served with straws and ice cubes complete with hidden plastic spiders frozen into them Crafts-HalloweenParty6-mobmulti[Am].jpg