Halloween minecraft mask

Halloween minecraft mask

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Halloween is almost upon us, giant pumpkins are already piled up waiting to be carved into ghoulish faces and all the chatter around here is about costume planning and apple bobbing. We always make our own costumes, every year the older kids’ get more ghoulish while I am always a witch with broomstick and smoking cauldron. We usually stick to the traditional Halloween costumes and over the years we have made skeletons, giants, pumpkins and all sorts of ghosties and ghoulies, most of them are really simple to make and can then be jazzed up as much as the children's imagination allows.

Halloween is a fabulous creative learning opportunity for kids, making costumes from scratch encourages them to get stuck in and problem solve and there are lots of possibilities for getting mucky with paint and glue!

How to make a Minecraft mask for Halloween 

Moving away from the traditional with a costume to appeal to all the Minecraft fans - this Creeper mask is really simple and very effective!

You Will Need

  • Cardboard box
  • Green paper or thin card in various shades
  • Black paper or thin card in two shades
  • Scissors or paper guillotine
  • Glue


  1. Paste glue all over the front of the box and cover with a sheet of green paper as the background.
  2. Cut strips of green paper in various shades - make them the width of a ruler so they are easy to measure.
  3. Cut strips of the two shades of black paper.
  4. Cut all your strips into evenly sized squares - use one as a template for all the others or cheat and use a paper guillotine! They don't have to be perfect. Crafts-HalloCreeper1-mobmulti[Am].jpg
  5. Lay your pieces onto the box so you can perfect your Creeper face - use ours as a guideline (you can be pretty random with the greens but do use a dark black for the pupil of the eye and lighter black for the iris). Crafts-HalloCreeper2-mobmulti[Am].jpg
  6. Poke a hole through the pupils with a pencil so your little Creeper can see where they are going! Crafts-HalloCreeper3-mobmulti[Am].jpg