Trip to the farm

Trip to the farm

Who’s Jenny?

London-living Jenny is a blogger and mum of two young little ones. She loves crafts and finding new fun play ideas for the children. She blogs at The Gingerbread House.

A day out with the little ones

You just can't beat getting out in the fresh air and experiencing the adventure of a farm. I was really lucky to spend a couple of months on a farm when I was younger. I was allowed to collect fresh eggs for breakfast, help feed the cows and name the newborn lambs. All lovely memories which I've treasured and something I really want my children to experience as well.

Fortunately we live close to a farm and this is a great time of year to get your wellies on, button up your coats and go exploring in the great outdoors!

Farms are a great place to visit for so many reasons:

1. New experiences for little ones
Trip to the farm

There’s no doubt that new experiences are beneficial for expanding little minds. Farms are full of different sounds and smells to explore. On our last visit my children were constantly on the run from one thing to another.

It was lovely to hear the excitement in their voices as they saw animals they had never seen before, watched people working with the animals and looked at farm machinery in action. Needless to say, they didn’t stop asking questions the whole day and we loved seeing them so engaged.

2. Feeding animals and being gentle
Trip to the farm

A farm visit lets you get up close with the animals. We were able to feed all types of animals. My 3 year old was initially a little shy but she soon overcame her fears and was brushing horses’ manes and helping to feed the goats.

3. From farms to tea times

Trip to the farm

Farms are fun. We went on a tractor ride around the farm (my son loved dodging the cow pats along the way!). He was also really interested in learning about the animals we saw.

This led to us talking about how the eggs we have for breakfast and put into our bakes come from chickens. It was great to see his face as he worked out the connection between the animals on the farm and the food we have at home!

Farms are great for helping children make the link between animals and food products. Not every trip and experience has to be educational but it’s really easy to slip in a few facts as you’re walking around!!

It’s so easy to continue the fun at home too. You can play simple games where you guess the animal noise, start a nature table with items you’ve collected, or make delicious treats from goodies including eggs bought from the farm shop such as these scrummy Lemon Butterfly Cupcakes. The perfect treat after a filled weekend of fun!

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