Baked Christmas decorations

Baked Christmas decorations

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Decorations

I do like salt dough recipes for making Christmas tree decorations but not as much as I like biscuit yumminess! These decorations are not a sweet gift but a nice alternative to the foil wrapped chocolate tree decorations that you can buy in the supermarkets.

Christmas themed mini-cutters can be bought easily on-line or in some supermarkets in the run up to Christmas. If you have any Christmassy Playdoh cutters you could always use these!

Make the Gingerbread decorations using the recipe above and making these two changes:

  • Before you pop the shapes into the oven, take a skewer and make a hole in the top of each shape. This is for threading ribbon or sparkly thread through after they have cooked and cooled down
  • Reduce the time in the oven from 10 minutes to 6 minutes, checking on them after 4 minutes.
  • Involve the little by asking them to ice the freshly baked cookies!