Paper crafting with kids

Paper crafting with kids

Who’s Chris?

Chris is a blogger, wife and mum of four. She blogs over at Thinly Spread where she talks about everything from parenting to gardening, crafts and recipes the whole family will enjoy.

Why Crafting Is a Very Good Thing

My children have loved crafting. It’s something which has played a huge part in our lives as they’ve grown. We mark the seasons and celebrations with crafty projects and make presents for each other and for family and friends.

Crafting has always been a useful way to keep them busy, it’s perfect for rainy days and holidays. It’s also helped me out when I’m frazzled and I need them to just sit down for a bit, but it is so much more than that.

Crafting encourages the little ones to think creatively, solve problems and experiment. It helps their fine motor skills to develop when they are tiny. It also allows them to be expansive and super, super messy!

Crafting at the kitchen table has been the starting point of so many conversations and we probably wouldn’t have had them otherwise! Somehow it is easier to natter when you are splurging paint about than it is when everyone is off doing their own thing!

But, most importantly of all, crafting is a good thing because children love it.

So – here we go, diving into a fresh new year of craftiness. We have started with some beautiful paper hyacinths to herald the beginning of Spring! It’s coming, honest!

How to Make Paper Flowers

I remember making these at Junior school, a very long time ago! They couldn’t be simpler and they look so effective!

You will need

  • 4 strips of tissue paper measuring roughly 5cm x 30cm (we used two colours for each flower - 2 strips of each - because we liked the contrast and thought it made them look more flowery)
  • Scissors
  • Green drinking straw or plant stick 
  • Sticky tape (that’s my fancy dispenser in the picture!)

Tip: don’t get too caught up in the length and width of the tissue, as long as they are roughly the same size you’ll be fine!

Paper crafting with kids

How to Make Paper Flowers

Paper crafting with kids

  1. Fold the paper in half along its length. Paper crafting with kids 
  2. Cut along the folded edge to form a fringe. Paper crafting with kids
  3. Stick your fringed tissue your straw, fringe at the top. Paper crafting with kids
  4. Begin wrapping the tissue around your straw – this is where it gets exciting! Paper crafting with kids
  5. Keep winding down the length of the straw until you run out of tissue. Paper crafting with kids
  6. Stick the end of the tissue to the straw. 

We made a whole bunch of these in purple and blue and thought they looked very much like hyacinths!

Then we went off piste and experimented with all sorts of colour combinations and ended up with this glorious riot of colour!

We thought they looked mighty fine in the tin cans we decorated a while ago!

These are so simple to make, I do hope you’ll have a go! They are very forgiving, turning out well even if you’ve been a bit snip happy with the scissors or your winding technique is a bit rough and ready. Bonus Boy had several goes to get his off the ground but the beauty of them is that you can unwind them and start again if you want to! His turned out far neater than mine!

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