Flora supports Change4Life

Our friends at Change4Life are encouraging everyone to do 10 minute bursts of activity this summer. Our kids need a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per day; but with our hectic daily lives it sometimes seems impossible to entertain them for that long.

This year, Change4Life have partnered with Disney to introduce the 10 Minute Shake Up - fun and unique activity ideas to get our kids moving more this summer.

Here at Flora, we have some 10 Minute Shake Up ideas of our own that will get your kids active and happy!


Even if you are stuck indoors, you can still mimic the action in the Olympic stadium with a bit of imagination.

  1. Decide on a list of events and which country each child is representing. If you have time, draw some flags for a mini-opening ceremony. 
  2. For the discus, see who can throw a paper plate the furthest. 
  3. To mimic the gymnastics events, find a mat and ask each child to show off their best handstand or cartwheels for a simple gymnastics display. 
  4. Clear a glass table and try some coin curling. For this sport, place a paper circle at one end and try to flick the coins as close as possible to centre. 
  5. For indoor long jump, choose a carpeted room, push the furniture back and see how far you can leap from the door frame into the interior. 
  6. There’s no end to the racing games you can try. Try a roly-poly race or see who can somersault to the finish line. For a novel take on Olympic skiing, give kids two shoe boxes each and get them to slide around an obstacle course. 

Or how about a 10 minute disco?


These days, who needs a DJ? Most homes now have an MP3 player or stereo of some sort so select your liveliest track list or their favourite songs. 

  1. Dim the lights and if you have a kid-friendly torch, give one to each child to wave around once the lights go down to create crazy lighting effects. 
  2. If you want to go one step further, get a square of coloured cellophane or tissue paper and secure it over the end with a rubber band so you can shine different colours around the room. 
  3. Finally, close the curtains and turn up the volume. But check with your child it’s not too loud. Little ones don’t always enjoy thumping music and nor do the neighbours! 

For many more 10 Minute Shake Up ideas, sign up to Change4Life here. You will also receive a sign up pack, including Disney inspired activity cards and a stopwatch – so why wait!