Dino Head-to-Head

Flora Head to head

Learn more about plant-eating dinosaurs with a fun-filled game of Dino Head-to-Head. Download and print out the cards, and then follow these simple rules:

  • Deal the cards equally between two players, making sure they’re facedown so you can’t see them
  • The starting player then turns over their top card and chooses a statistic on the card (e.g. weight)
  • The other player then turns over their top card and reads out the chosen statistic of their dinosaur
  • The player with the highest value wins the round and gets to keep both cards
  • That player then reads another chosen value from their next card, and so on

The winner is the player with all the cards at the end, having picked up some serious dinosaur knowledge!

If at any point the cards have the same value, both cards are placed in the middle and the chooser picks another category from their next card. Whoever wins the new round gets all of the cards in the middle.

Download Dino Head-to-Head >>


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