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38 Recipes for 'All Meals'

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  • Glazed Baked Stuffed Red Peppers

    How to make glazed baked stuffed red peppers.

  • Lamb Tagine

    A lamb tagine is a great and hearty dish. This recipe by Donna Callaby will walk you through the entire process. Perfect for those cold wintery Sunday nights.

  • Shepherd's Pie

    This tasty shepherd's pie recipe is perfect for family dinner times. It's another yummy recipe idea from Flora.

  • Ploughmans Sandwich

    A pickle of a country classic that's much easier to eat on the go!

  • Pork & Mushroom Stroganoff

    This pork and mushroom stroganoff recipe is rich and creamy. Pack it with your favourite, fresh selection of mushrooms; you will be happy you did.

  • Macaroni Cheese

    Feeling blue? This comforting dish will soon cheer you up – it's the classic dish that everyone loves.

  • Spaghetti Bolognaise

    A timeless family classic – spaghetti bolognaise is the perfect Italian dish that everyone loves.

  • Chicken Tikka Wrap

    A quick and tasty lunchtime favourite – spicy chicken tikka wrapped up with colourful greens.

  • Chicken Ham & Cheese Picnic Sandwich

    This sandwich is packed to the brim with meat, cheese, salad, roasted pepper and pesto making it a fantastic full-on sandwich recipe for picnics.

  • Spiced Sea Bass with Crushed New Potatoes & Green Beans

    Spiced sea bass with crushed new potatoes and green beans.