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A life cycle assessment (LCA), has shown that [BRAND SKU] in [COUNTRY] has XX% lower climate impact of dairy butter*. For every kg of [BRAND] you buy, you will save [XXKG] of carbon emissions.
The findings show that choosing [BRAND SKU] over dairy butter from cows uses [XX%] less land, and uses [XX%] less water, one of the world’s most precious resources.
Below you can see the detailed information of the product assessed:

  • [Product SKU] has [XX%] less the climate impact of dairy butter*

*Based on the comparative life cycle assessment (LCA) of [BRAND SKU] and dairy butter in [MARKET}, performed through an ISO compliant tool, aligned with Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology developed by Quantis in 2022.

(Attach Technical Summary)XXX

You can make a positive change for the planet, just by swapping something simple like dairy butter for our delicious plant-based spreads. So, what are you waiting for...? Make the change now.



You may know that the food we eat is estimated to account for 34% of the CO2 emitted globally each year (1). Reducing emissions by carefully choosing our food can help make a positive impact on the climate of our planet.
Studies (2) have shown that plant-based ingredients such as grains, fruit, and vegetables have the lowest climate footprint per serving. By eating more plants, fewer animal-based foods including dairy, we can contribute to a healthier, more environmentally sustainable world for all.

At (BRAND), we believe the time for doing something positive towards a more sustainable food system is now. We have worked hard to make our best-ever tasting products for you. Maybe you’ll enjoy them even more knowing that by choosing our delicious plant-based product instead of dairy, you’ve reduced your climate impact and, no matter how small - done something good for the planet!



Together with Quantis, a leading sustainability advisor, we have calculated the climate impacts of our (BRAND) products throughout their life cycle compared to dairy butter. This starts with the growing of our natural ingredients and then considers all the steps involved in making our products, including transportation, production, packaging, distribution, and finally their disposal by you.
To find out more about our work with Quantis and the detailed basis of our calculation, please click


KNOW YOUR CLIMATE IMPACT – Please include if including Climate Impact claim on pack XXX

At (BRAND) we are committed to making sure that you have the information you need to understand the climate impact of our delicious plant-based spreads. Our aim is to make this as simple and transparent as possible, so our Climate Impact label will tell you the specific climate impacts of the (BRAND) products you love and help you to make an informed decision about the food you choose to buy.

XXX+ add a packshot with Climate Impact logo

(1) United Nations-
(2) Tilman D, Clark M. Global diets link environmental sustainability and human health. Nature, 2014. Chai, Bingli Clark; van der Voort, Johannes Reidar; Grofelnik, Kristina; Eliasdottir, Helga Gudny; Klöss, Ines and Perez-Cueto, Federico JA. Which Diet Has the Least Environmental Impact on Our Planet? A Systematic Review of Vegan, Vegetarian and Omnivorous Diets. Sustainability, 2019.