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Wondering what butter alternatives are available to use when cooking? Take a look at the variety of delicious Flora butter alternatives here and see what recipes you can rustle up.

There are many reasons why people today are looking out for butter alternatives. Whether it be as part of a conscious effort to cut out dairy and animal products, to keep health-related ailments at bay, or to help play a part in creating a sustainable planet. Put simply, there is no one single reason that people decide to make the switch, and it’s usually an amalgamation of many different things.

Read on as we highlight some good reasons to choose butter alternatives.

All in good health: why you should consider a butter alternative 

As we enter into an undoubtedly more health-conscious era, it’s only natural that so many of us feel the desire to make small changes to what we eat. And while the first thought that might come to mind is lack-lustre substitutes and ill-tasting ‘light’ versions of our favourite snacks, it doesn’t all have to be sacrifice.

Take our Flora range of butter alternative spreads for example, whilst they encourage less chance of obesity and much better weight management when compared with an unhealthier real butter, they also taste amazing and come in four different options!

Flora as a sustainable butter alternative 

It isn’t just the physical well-being aspect of our spreads that draw people to make the change, our ethos on sustainability also paints a picture of ethical living that, in today’s fast-paced world and all the bad environmental effects that come with it, is a much-welcomed opportunity for many modern consumers.

But what exactly does it mean to be a sustainable butter alternative?

  • Firstly, our products come in 100% recyclable packaging, in-keeping with the trend that many butter alternatives adopt sustainable methods of delivery.
  • Beyond this, choosing to adopt a meat-free diet is good for our planet, and is a fantastic way to contribute to the overall health of our little blue and green dot in the solar system.

Start today, try our range of spreads 

From Flora Butterya silky-smooth spread, to our healthy choice, Flora Lightwe have a butter alternative spread for every customer.