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If you’re struggling to think of games to play outside to encourage your kids to play outside, it could be time to bring back these fun vintage games! Here we’ll share some ‘forgotten’ fun outdoor games to revive and teach your children, that will even have you joining in, “just to make sure they’ve got the hang of it.”

Why should we encourage children to play outdoor garden games?

There are a number of reasons that outdoor garden games are great for teaching your children. These include:

  • Being outside is a great way to ensure that your children are not only getting the exercise they need but also fresh air and vitamins from the sun.
  • Playing outdoor games can be educational.

5 outdoor games for kids which should be revived

There are countless amazing ‘forgotten’ outdoor games which are worth passing on to your children, but here are our five favourites:

  1. Hopscotch is a simple yet educational outdoor game. All you need is a bit of chalk and space to draw out your template on the ground. Not only is it great for development, teaching balance and spatial awareness, but it’s also a great way for children to learn to count forwards and backwards. After expending energy outdoors, why not treat your kids to homemade granola bars perfect for keeping hunger at bay between meals?
  2. If you have three children or more, or have guests at home for the day, why not teach them how to use a jump rope? With a variety of different chants and ways to jump the skipping rope, there are plenty of options to make this fun and provide hours of playtime outside.
  3. Hide and seek is such a classic children’s game and can be a great way to include children of all ages in playing outdoors and exploring. Have healthy snacks like these ready-set-go flapjacks to keep them full of energy for hiding and finding each other.
  4. Marbles can be a fun activity for older children, although you need to make sure they are kept out of reach of younger children as they are a choking hazard. Knocking each other’s marbles out of a chalk circle on the ground is just one of the many variations of marble games that you could teach your kids.
  5. You may not have heard of four-square, but it is definitely a game you should try with your kids. To play is simple:
  • All you need is a large square (about 6ft wide) divided into four smaller squares numbered one to four.
  • One child stands in each square and bounces a ball into another square.
  • Only allowing it to bounce once, the child in that square must tap it into another and so on and so forth.
  • If a child misses the ball, they step out of their square and each player rotates into a new square.
  • If there are more than four players, the child waiting at the side can step into the empty square.

Now you have some fun and easy ‘forgotten’ outdoor games for toddlers and kids, you can be sure to have your kids outside enjoying the fresh air for hours on end and making sure these great games live on.