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Having the right running gear on the day can make a huge difference in helping you enjoy and stay comfortable during the race! Get your bag together with our marathon gear checklist.


Picking the right shoes is super important! You will probably wear through a few different pairs during your training. On the day, use the pair of running shoes that you like the most. You should avoid new gear for the marathon race day.


Wearing the right socks will help to prevent blisters and increase comfort. They should be made from a breathable and quick-drying fabric to keep your feet dry. Most running socks will also offer extra padding on the toes and heels.


Shorts, shirt, sports bra… The golden rule is to wear your clothes several times before race day. Depending on the weather, you might want to have a couple of options ready.



Drinking the right amount of water is crucial on the day. The London Marathon has regular aid stations on the course but you might also want to carry some with you.


You must have your running number with you to be able to run. Allow yourself plenty of time to collect your Race Pack on the day before the Marathon.


Many running enthusiasts enjoy running with music. Compile a playlist of your favourite motivational songs and it could have a positive impact on your performance!


Your running watch will help you track your performance on the day. Most running watches will have GPS to track your runs’ distance and speed as well as heart rate monitors.


Chafing is caused by friction as your skin rubs against itself or clothing. Apply a balm or gel to chafe-prone parts such as thighs and armpits.