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Even butter lovers love the taste of Flora Plant B+tter*

At Flora we are passionate about making great tasting spreads. Obviously, we would say that Flora Plant B+tter tastes great, but we don’t want you to just take our word for it!


We decided to put this to the test by seeing if even self-proclaimed “butter lovers” also loved the taste of Flora Plant B+tter………..the results?


In fact, in a blind taste test*, 76% of confirmed “butter lovers” told us they loved the taste of Flora Plant B+tter (salted).
And the praise didn’t stop there for Flora Plant B+tter (salted)…….our survey also revealed:

  • 77% agreed it is like a regular butter;
  • 81% agreed it had a great taste; and
  • 89% agreed said it was rich and creamy

Our Flora Plant B+tter (unsalted) variety fared almost as well with 70% of “butter lovers” agreeing it had a great taste, 71% agreed it is like a regular butter and 74% agreeing it was rich and creamy.
When we told the “butter lovers” exactly what they had sampled in the blind taste test, 90% (salted) and 85% (unsalted) said they would not have expected it to be a dairy alternative.

So, what can we conclude from our taste test? Even butters lovers certainly do love the great taste and rich, creamy texture of Flora Plant B+tter!


How does it work?

ISI Sensory Marketing Research set up a blind taste test. Following a pre-screening selection process, only those who identified as “butter lovers” and had bought and used at least one block of regular butter in the last month were selected to take part. We ensured those selected purchased main brands of block butter: minimum quota set at 40% Lurpak Butter, 20% Country Life and 20% Anchor. Age range 18-65. Two test site locations: Nottingham and Reading. Date: August 2020

Sample size: 300 consumers divided into two cells (Salted = 150 consumers / Unsalted = 150 consumers). Consumers in each cell only tasted one variety of Flora Plant B+tter. They were given 70g of each variety on white bread (untoasted) to taste in a blind taste test and then asked various questions.


Question – blind taste test  Result (out of 150 consumers per variety) 
 Do you love the taste of this product?  Salted – 76%
 Do you agree that this product is like a regular butter?  Salted – 77%
 Unsalted – 71%
 Do you agree that this product is rich and creamy?  Salted – 89%
 Unsalted – 74%
 Do you agree that this product has a great taste?  Salted – 81%
 Unsalted – 70%