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Lunchbox Guide

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Kids are famously fussy about food, whether it’s the type (no vegetables!), the texture (no porridge!), the shape (no squares!) or the colour (nothing green!). They are especially picky when it comes to produce, the building block of a healthy diet. Strangely enough, this stubbornness doesn’t seem to carry over to sweets. So what’s a time-strapped parent to do?

While picky eating will almost certainly pass, it’s important to expose children to a variety of new foods. The more consistently your child is encouraged to try new things, the more likely they are to develop a curiosity and enjoyment of healthy eating, a pattern that will last into later life. Thankfully, there are easy options beyond the usual sandwich, crisps and apple formula that won’t take up loads of time or break the bank.

We’ve pulled together some tips and tricks to inspire you to create lunchboxes that the kids will never get tired of as you send them back to school.