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Orange Mince Pies – Traditional Christmas Baking with a Twist

Surprise your guests with something extra by making these delicious orange pastry mince pies! There’s something very Christmassy about orange flavour, so inject an extra bit of Christmas spirit into your mince pies with this orange mince pie recipe. The orange shortcrust pastry will delight both friends and family (just make sure they’re not allergic to citrus fruits). What’s more, these orange mince pies are vegetarian-friendly, so your vegetarian guests can enjoy these seasonal treats, too!

Let’s get baking! Here’s our orange mince pie recipe.


  1. To make the orange pastry: rub Flora into the flour until mixture resembles fine even breadcrumbs.
  2. Add sugar and orange zest and mix in. Add water and mix with a round bladed knife to a firm dough.
  3. Knead on a lightly-floured surface until smooth. Cover and chill.
  4. Roll out pastry and cut out 12 bases and 12 tops to fit patty tins.
  5. Spruce up your orange mince pies by carving patterns in the lids or using shaped biscuit cutters, e.g. stars.
  6. Line tins with pastry bases and place 1 dessertspoon mincemeat in each.
  7. Brush round top edges with water. Place over mincemeat and press down edges to seal.
  8. Make 2 slits across each pie. Brush with egg white or dairy free milk and dredge with caster sugar.
  9. Bake in a preheated oven 190ºC, 170ºC fan, Gas No 5 for 15–20 minutes.

These mince pies with orange taste great paired with traditional brandy butter or some crème fraiche, to balance out the sweetness and keep the tangy taste. If you want to mark your orange mince pies as containing citrus fruit (and make them look pretty and festive), you can decorate them with some candied orange peel on top before lightly dusting your mince pies with icing sugar. They’ll also make great edible Christmas gifts nicely decorated and put in a reusable box – cupcake boxes tend to have good-sized holes for mince pies.

Happy baking and Happy Holidays!


  • 115 g Flora Dairy Free
  • 225 g sieved plain flour
  • 25 g caster sugar
  • Zest of 1 orange
  • 2 tablespoons cold water or orange juice
  • 350 g mincemeat (suitable for vegetarians)
  • Beaten egg white/Dairy Free Milk and caster sugar to glaze

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