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Whenever half-term comes around, it often means expectant kids at home all day with nothing to do, and going to museums, the cinema and activity parks every day is just not a realistic plan. We’ve put together some top ideas of things to do in half term to keep children busy with what you’ve got at home and in your neighbourhood.

Simple environmental activities for kids to try out in half-term

If you’re looking for sustainability activities for kids to try out this half term, then look no further! These half term activities are sure to excite and keep your kids busy until they’re back in school.

  1. Get outdoors. When it comes to things to do in half term, there is nothing better than getting outside. There are a few outdoor environmental activities for kids that are both fun and educational. These include:
    • Grow your own food. Planting vegetables, fruits and herbs is not only a great way to teach your children where food comes from, but it also encourages them to eat a more varied diet. It is also a great way to save money and reduce your own carbon footprint.
    • Set up insect houses in your garden. Did you know you can use old plastic tubs and bamboo to create a bee or bug hotel? Bees and other insects are important for pollination and giving them a shelter is a great way to keep your garden alive and full of beauty.
    • Make a mud kitchen. Rather than throwing away old pots, pans and cutlery as they come to the end of their lives, use them outside for mud kitchen fun. All you need is some soil, water and an area to get dirty!
    • Go on a scavenger hunt. Why not create a template for your kids to fill out and head out to a local park or woodland to find nature? From drawing leaves to taking bark rubbings, there are so many ways your children could record the things they find. Ask younger children to find things in specific colours, or older children to write the names of things they spot.
  2. Make decorations. One of the greatest sustainability activities for kids is craft upcycling. All year round there are plenty of different times that you will need decorations, so why not get creative with your kids? Upcycle old bottles, tubs and more to create wreaths and bunting or even use old jam jars to make homemade gifts.

  3. Make an assault course. Using old cushions, cardboard boxes and more, you can create a fun assault course for kids of all ages to enjoy. Make sure you do it in an area where they can remain safe while still enjoying themselves.

Now you have some perfect sustainable half term activities to set up at home, you can be sure to not only keep your children occupied but teach them about the environment, too.