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There are some things we don’t skip,
like these natural ingredients

Some of you might be thinking, how have they skipped the weird cow bit without making
Flora Plant b+tter any less creamy and delicious than butter? They must be adding some
other weird thing, some sort of substitute cow perhaps? An interesting theory, but actually
our recipes are incredibly simple.

How do we make our Plant B+tter?
Our plant-based alternatives to butter are made of 6 simple natural ingredients that  we carefully blend to highlight the goodness of our ingredients.
  • 1
    Plant oils are obtained from seeds, which are pressed to extract their oils.
  • 2
    We purify the oils and then blend them with water, beta carotene for color and natural plant proteins.
  • 3
    This is gently cooled until it reaches the perfect consistency and texture.

Our Flora Plant center in Wageningen

Our products are developed in our Flora Plant center in Wageningen, the Silicon Valley of Food in the Netherlands, the global center where new technology and science is being created. In our center, we create and apply new technologies to make sure that our product, such as our plant butter, has the same taste and performance as the dairy equivalent.

How many packs** of dairy butter do you use per month?

kg CO2 equiv.
or charging your smartphone
Which is like driving a car
or leaving a LED light on for

*Based on the comparative life cycle assessment (LCA) of Flora Plant and dairy butter in UK & Ireland, performed through an ISO compliant tool, aligned with Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology developed by Quantis in 2022.

**Based on average block pack of 250g