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No matter whether your children take a packed lunch or sit down for hot school dinners, they inevitably come home complaining they are hungry. We are now more aware of the effect the food we eat has on us and our families, so it’s a good idea to have healthy snack ideas to hand. Here we’ll share top tips for creating healthy, homemade after school snacks to give kids between meals.

Why should you make sure you have healthy after school snacks at home?

There are a number of reasons why having a few healthy snack ideas to hand for feeding your kids in between meals is a good idea. These include:

  • Snacks are a great way to help your kids stay focused when they have homework to do after school.
  • Healthy snack ideas will ensure your children are getting the nutrients and vitamins they need without needing to just eat a bowl of fruit.
  • Healthy snacks are more likely to fill your kids up enough to keep the hunger at bay until dinner time.

Two reasons you should make your own after school snacks

When you are looking for healthy after school snacks the easiest thing to do is to make them yourself. Two reasons this is best are:

  • You have full control over the ingredients. This means you can ensure that allergens are kept out, healthy ingredients are included and you know exactly what is in the food that your children are eating.
  • You can get your kids involved. A great way to encourage your children to eat more healthily is to get them involved in the creation of the meals and snacks.

Easy recipes for healthy snacks for children

Here we’ll share top recipes you can use to make amazing healthy after school snacks.

  • Cookies are always going to be a firm favourite with kids, so why not try making this cinnamon and raisin cookies recipe? Tasty but still healthy thanks to added raisins and only a small amount of sugar, these are sure to be a hit with your kids.
  • Flapjacks may not be your first choice for kids’ snacks but they are a great choice both from a health perspective and also because they will fill your kids up. Try making these easy coconutty flapjacks or fresh apricot flapjacks for enjoying after school.
  • Muffins are an easy and tasty snack to create and enjoy and there are so many different ingredients you can use to make them. These banana & almond muffins are a great choice of healthy snack for your kids to munch on after school.

With these healthy snack ideas for kids and easy recipes using Flora, you can be sure to keep the munchies at bay until dinner time.