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Knowing how to make your own bird feeder is not only a good way to spend time with your child; it’s also a good way to help them discover how to help birds looking for food in winter. Read on and follow our step-by-step guide to how to make a simple bird feeder, mostly using things you already have at home.

What will you need to build your own bird feeder?

The first step in learning how to make a bird feeder is to have all the components ready. Many of the components you will need to create your own homemade bird feeder are items you will find around your home, making it budget-friendly as well as environmentally friendly. These include:

An old Flora container or plastic bottle

  • Wire or string
  • Old pencils
  • Scissors
  • Bird seed

How to make a simple bird feeder

Making your own simple bird feeder is a great way to have fun as a family and encourage wildlife to venture into your garden. Take the following steps to make your own bird feeder using the materials listed above:

  1. Clean your bird feeder components. Make sure you fully clean out your empty container or bottle, removing all traces of soap suds with thorough rinsing.
  2. Make sure the container or bottle is sealed. If you’re using an old bottle or container, replace the lid to ensure the seeds inside stay dry. Ensure it is firmly shut but can be removed when you need to refill the bird seed.
  3. Glue or tie a piece of string to the sides. Adding string to the side of an old container or the neck of a plastic bottle will allow you to hang your bird feeder in the trees, bushes or from fences in your garden.
  4. Give the birds access to the seed. There are two options for allowing birds to access the bird seed you place inside your feeder.
    • If using a bottle, cut an oval hole in the top third of your plastic bottle, large enough for a bird to be able to rest on the edge and get to the bird seed inside.If using an old spread container, cut small holes in the side and push a pencil through one side to the other, leaving the ends sticking out.
    • If needed, glue them in place. This will allow birds to stand on the pencil. Next, cut small circular holes slightly higher than where the pencil is situated to give the birds access to the seed inside.
    • Always take care when using scissors, especially if you have decided to make your own bird feeder with your kids.
  5. Fill your feeder. Fill your new bird feeder with bird seed to just below the cut outs, ensuring that the lid is firmly replaced afterwards to protect it from rain.

Now you know how to build your own bird feeder, you can take steps to care for your local wildlife. You can also decorate your bird feeder, just remember not to use materials that can be pulled away by birds, such as stickers and glitter – non-toxic paint or some fancy wrapping paper is better. Happy bird feeding!