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Looking for a healthy butter substitute? Read our blog to find out just a few reasons why Flora is the healthiest of its kind on the market.

One of the first realisations that happens in the days and weeks following a switch to a plant-based diet is ‘I haven’t got an X, Y or Z substitute!’. It’s usually quite simple to say, ‘I’m not going to eat meat’, or ‘From now on, I’m cutting this out of my diet’, but when you take on the task of transitioning to a fully-plant-based diet, you’ll soon realise that animal produce makes its way into really unobvious corners of our plates. From condiments to sweet treats, forbidden fruits hide away in the long list of ingredients included.

One of the staples that is likely to make itself known to you initially, is butter. Butter is used in a myriad of daily dishes, from the quick spread on your morning two slices of toast, to the added extra you pop in the pan to loosen up your fried meal. It’s even hidden in cakes and biscuits, something we all love to treat ourselves to every now and again.

Put simply, butter is everywhere, and while it may be easier to switch out snacks for pre-packaged vegan alternatives, when it comes to something like butter, a potentially-hidden ingredient that you could be using daily, it means more to place importance what you choose to replace it with.

So what should you consider?

Consider the health implications of your butter alternative 

Butter alternatives, such as margarine, can be better for you than the real thing, but are not usually dairy-free. Margarine also usually contains more fat than spreads, such as Flora.

When reducing your fat intake, you’re not just limiting the amount of excess weight you potentially carry around, but you’re also taking real steps to avoid serious health concerns, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Sustainability is the key to your butter substitute

Besides ensuring that the butter substitute is good for you, finding a product that is also good for the planet helps too.

At Flora, we place a strong emphasis on sustainability, with recyclable tubs meaning that you can shop guilt-free, safe in the knowledge that our tubs and packaging can be fully-recycled and work towards saving our planet.

Beyond packaging, our products are dairy-free, placing an ethical stance on farming and what is and isn’t necessary to produce a great tasting butter substitute!

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