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Switching out butter for a vegan spread needn’t be a cause for concern. Just because you’ve decided to take the leap over to a more sustainable, healthier option, doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice all the pleasurable, memorable and fun experiences that you used to enjoy in the kitchen.

Here are just three of the many things you can still enjoy whilst choosing Flora’s vegan spreads.

Start the day the right way 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it fuels us for the morning ahead, a time when our most important work often gets done, or when crucial family duties require military precision and organisation.

With that in mind, the nation has always placed the mighty full English breakfast on the highest pedestal when it comes to the first meal of the day, a meal that, in simple terms, contains plenty of meat and dairy. But plant-based alternatives are within closer reach than you think, for example, eggs can be swapped out for tofu, and butter for Flora. In fact, we put together a guide to making plant-based breakfasts. Here’s everything you need to make the perfect vegan breakfast.

Cook all your favourite meals 

Cooking, baking, frying. All three are daily activities that have most likely become habits for a lot of us over the years. But when initially switching over to a plant-based way of life, the sudden onset of panic that your go-to quick fixes in the kitchen may need to be ripped up and re-imagined is a real fear. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

With our range of Flora vegan spreads, you can replicate all your favourite meals, by baking, cooking and frying to your hearts content. Oh, and your heart will thank you for it, which is our next point…

Put yours and your family's health first

Most importantly of all the items in this article, Flora vegan spread is a healthier option than butter, or even margarine, and it will keep you and your family healthier as they age, grow and develop.

With considerably less saturated fat than butter and margarine, Flora, when used within a healthy diet, helps to combat obesity, diabetes and heart disease. And with health being a priority and the key to a good life, keeping the whole family on the path to an active life can start right here with Flora.

In addition to fighting a range of modern-day diseases, our range of Flora products naturally contain omega 3 and 6, which are essential good fats that help your body to thrive.

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