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Making cookies is always a hit with the kids – they’re an opportunity to literally get your hands dirty and the results are super quick, which means even the most impatient tot’s tummy will be filled up fast.

But what can you put in cookies? Lots of things: chocolate chips, dried fruit, some sweets (like Smarties and peanut butter and chocolate cups) – or whatever other sweet treats you and the kids fancy. Here are some easy cookies to make with kids.

Cookie recipe ideas

Our easy Cinnamon & Raisin Cookies are a family favourite, but we’ve also come up with a couple of quick substitutions that can change simple cookie dough into a tempting treat for any occasion.

If you want to experiment with a few different staples when making easy cookies for kids – or whatever you happen to have in the house – you can simply leave out the cinnamon and raisins and add in your favourites instead. Raid the cupboard with your children and steer them in the direction of things you know they like.

Another winner among cookie dough ideas is this combination of tart dried cranberries and sweet white chocolate. An easy cookie dough favourite with dried fruit and chocolate chips, it suits the crumbly cookie consistency down to the ground. It’s easy to experiment with any nutty, fruity or chocolate-y combination that tickles your fancy – and the kids will adore being given free (ish!) rein to create their own masterpieces.

If you’re making cookies after the kids’ bedtime, you can try adding a little coffee liqueur or coffee to get a night time treat with a ‘grown-up’ flavour.

The chocoholic’s choice when making cookies

A favourite among kids is the great chocolate cookie. You can easily turn a normal easy cookie dough into chocolate cookie dough by adding 2 heaped tablespoons of cocoa powder to the dough at the mixing stage. What can you put in cookies to make them even more chocolicious? How about lots of chocolate chips (dark, milk, white or a mixture according to taste), maybe a spoonful of chocolate and hazelnut spread, or chocolate buttons?

Tip: if adding the cocoa seems to make it too dry, add a little dribble of milk until it’s reached a slightly gooier –but not soggy – consistency.

Making cookies is a fun and quick activity and these are all easy cookies for kids to make with a little bit of help from an adult (mixing can be particularly tricky). Don’t hesitate to share your cookie dough ideas with us if you and your kids put something different in your cookie dough. If you’re feeling inspired by our easy cookies to make with kids, take a look at our cookie recipes and get baking!