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Got the whole family coming over and need to come up with some brunch ideas at home? If you’ve got guests of all ages and preferences, it’s nice to come up with a few touches and activities to unite them all under one roof and around one table. Read on to discover some top family brunch ideas, including perfect recipes to create the best spread for your family to enjoy together.

Five of the best brunch ideas and recipes

Whether you are looking for perfect birthday brunch ideas, or are simply hosting a family brunch at home, these recipes are the perfect addition to your menu.

  1. Brunch should be quick and easy, so why not try an easy broccoli and tuna quiche? Not only is this a healthy option but it can be eaten hot or cold, so you could prepare it in advance of your family brunch.
  2. Pancakes are always a winner when it comes to a brunch menu. These American style pancakes are quick and easy, or why not try a more traditional British recipe for lemon pancakes.
  3. When it comes to brunch, eggs are a go-to ingredient. They are a pretty versatile food product to cook with and there are so many ways to use them to make exciting foods for your menu, such as a vegetable frittata.
  4. Pasta is the perfect addition to most any meal from brunch onwards, but when it comes to brunch you want something simple and quick to prepare. This tuna pasta salad is the perfect option, healthy and tasty, too!
  5. What brunch would be complete without a semi-sweet treat at the end (or start!) of your meal? You could try baking these easy banana cupcakes, or maybe some delicious lemon and blueberry muffins!

Top healthy family brunch ideas

From catering to vegan family members to those who are simply a little more health conscious, these top tips will help you create the perfect healthy brunch:

  • Replace butter with a healthier alternative. Using a product like Flora Buttery will help you not only create a healthier dish, but also not compromise on the flavour.
  • Switch up the toppings. Instead of drowning pancakes and waffles in sugar and syrup, why not add that touch of sweetness with fresh fruits like strawberries and blueberries?
  • Don’t skip breakfast. Even if you wake up late, always have breakfast within an hour of waking up. If need be, start the day with something small such as breakfast flapjacks which you can make up in advance for times like these. This will kick-start your metabolism and help you enjoy brunch more.

Now you have some top tips and healthy brunch ideas, you can be sure to create the perfect family brunch at home no matter what age or preferences they have.