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Kids love cooking and spending time with their parents in the kitchen. However, learning about nutrition can be a little challenging for young chefs. Here we’ll share tips for fun cooking with kids to help them learn about food and nutrition. And who knows – your little one might actually want to eat what they’ve made in the end!

Tips for safely cooking with young children

As well as picking easy things for kids to cook, there are some important tips for ensuring the experience is not only fun, but also safe. Here are five things to keep in mind when you’ve got kids cooking in the kitchen:

  • Always roll up sleeves and tie back long hair to make sure nothing will get caught during the preparation. If you want to try to keep them clean, pop an apron on, too. A mini chef’s hat is always a great idea, both to keep hair out of food and to give you a cuteness overload.
  • Make sure your kids wash their hands. This is especially important when preparing fresh chicken. The last thing you want is for anyone to fall ill or cross-contaminate the food.
  • Always make sure knives and scissors are used while supervised and never without permission. Don’t leave them in the washing up bowl either, as someone could reach in and hurt themselves.
  • Keep a sturdy stool handy for children who are too short to reach the counter tops properly.
  • Keep children out of reach of open flames to prevent burns. You should also ensure they are not close to pans containing hot oil in case of splatters.

Three simple meals for kids

Finding easy meals for kids to cook is easier than you think. Here are three simple meals for kids to help you make for dinner:

  1. Frittata
    Making a frittata can be incredibly easy with a couple of ingredients and a few eggs. Get your little one to help whisk the eggs and chop soft ingredients (like boiled potatoes if you’ve got them) with a blunt knife.
  2. Homemade pizza
    Pizza is a firm favourite with most kids, and they are so easy to create with your kids. Making an easy pizza dough with Flora Original is something the whole family can get involved in, plus you can get them to help choose and add pretty much any topping!
  3. Pasta dishes
    Pasta is such a versatile addition to meal times, and it can be made into a variety of meals perfect for kids. You could try simply adding a selection of vegetables to create a roasted vegetable pasta dish, or try a childhood favourite like tuna pasta with fresh herbs.

Now you have some fun things to cook with kids, you should be able to not only get your kids cooking in the kitchen while learning but also eating more healthily.