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Why is breakfast known as the most important meal of the day? Health experts agree that eating in the morning means you’re less likely to eat too much during the rest of the day.

Plus, it gives you 15-25% of your daily energy requirements and helps stave off mid-morning grumpiness – that is, if you have a healthy breakfast. This is especially important for kids, who need plenty of nutrients while they’re growing – and there’s evidence to show that eating breakfast every day can help them do better at school. But what is a healthy breakfast, really? We’ve put together some delicious and healthy breakfast ideas and tips on how to have a healthy breakfast every day of the week.

What is a healthy breakfast?

Breakfast is a chance to fit more goodness into your daily diet, whether that’s one of your five a day or a spread of omega-rich Flora. Just as the rest of your meals, your breakfast should be varied and contain everything you need to keep you going until lunchtime. Here is a quick (and by no means extensive) list of healthy things to have for breakfast to start you off:

  • Porridge: gives you plenty of carbohydrates to keep you going all morning, and the fibre does wonders for your gut, too. Add a dollop of nut butter for a protein and unsaturated fat kick.
  • Fruit: Either a whole piece of fruit or some cut up fruit pieces will add fibre, vitamins and some sweetness to your breakfast. You can also have a handful of fresh berries.
  • Wholegrain: some wholegrain toast spread with Flora Light is another way to get your body and brain working in the morning.

For more information on diet recommendations for children and adults, have a look at the British Nutrition Foundation’s advice. We’ve also got a few simple tips below, as we know that making sure everyone has a healthy meal every morning is easier said than done!

How to have a healthy breakfast on a busy weekday morning

If you’ve got time, sitting down to eat together is a great way to start the day. But most families are busy in the morning. The key to how to have a healthy breakfast on a weekday is preparation. Try making our Breakfast Flapjacks in advance. Just keep them in an airtight container and they should last all week. Keep some sliced wholegrain bread ready for toasting, Flora in the fridge for spreading (no need to wait for it to soften) and some fruit ready for popping in bags if need be. This gives your family a mix of good fats (omega-3 and 6) and grains for energy, plus one of their 5 a day. If you’ve got a little more time, you could also try boiled eggs and toast soldiers with Flora for a healthy, enjoyable start to the day.

Healthy breakfast ideas for relaxed weekends

Although weekday breakfasts need to be quick and easy, there’s no reason why you can’t have a leisurely breakfast at the weekend – and there are some delicious healthy things to have for breakfast on a weekend when you (usually) have more time. Our Banana Walnut Loaf is easy to make ahead of time for a relaxing Sunday morning breakfast. Why not try serving wholegrain toast, Flora, eggs, fruit and low-fat yoghurt, with tea, coffee and fruit juice for a great morning selection? Or, for a special treat, make our American Pancakes and serve them with blueberries.

There are plenty of healthy things to have for breakfast to get you through the week. Prepare everything for breakfast before you go to bed at night and sleepyheads of all ages will be able to enjoy a tasty and nutritious breakfast in the morning before taking on whatever your day brings.