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As parents we’re all used to our children’s tea time interjections being more along the lines of “yuck” and “I don’t like that” as opposed to “yummy” and “more, please”. With a few clever kitchen tricks, you can create healthy food for fussy eaters and make your child change their tune.

Tips for creating healthy and tasty food for fussy eaters

With these easy tricks and tips, you can create delicious, healthy food for fussy toddlers and older kids, too!

  1. Replace butter with healthier options. When creating your kids’ favourite meals, using a replacement spread like Flora Original will ensure you’re using a healthier option without compromising on the taste.
  2. Get your kids cooking. One of the best ways to get your kids to eat a more varied diet is to get them in the kitchen to help prepare their own meals. Simply ensure they are supervised and safe (for example keeping knives out of the reach of younger children and preparing food away from boiling water or hot ovens).
  3. Grow your own. Involving your kids in the cooking is one great step to encourage them to eat what is prepared, but why not try growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs, too? If they are involved in the growing and harvesting of the food on their plates, they will be more likely to eat ‘their’ veggies!
  4. Create meals with hidden veggies. If you are still struggling to make healthy meals for your kids that they will eat, whip up a meal with hidden veggies such as their favourite pasta bake or homemade pie.

Easy recipes for getting picky eaters to try new food

One of the biggest things we worry about as parents is how to create meals full of healthy food for fussy eaters, but with these simple recipes you can ensure that your kids not only have a healthy, varied diet, but enjoy it, too!

  • Homemade lasagne. Lasagne is a hearty, tasty, classic meal that your kids are sure to love. You can even try adding hidden veg to the mix such as red peppers and tomatoes, which are the same colour as the sauce. You can whizz the sauce up in a blender if your little one takes issue with the texture.
  • Spaghetti bolognese. A firm childhood favourite is spaghetti Bolognese. This is another dish that is perfect for the addition of hidden vegetables such as finely diced onions, which blend with the sauce and hide beneath the grated cheese on top.
  • Ham and pineapple pizza. With a mix of vegetables and a replacement spread, this homemade pizza is a great alternative to a take-away and is sure to be a winner with even the fussiest eater.
  • Fish pie. Fish is a great way to add all-important vitamins such as omega-3 to your kids’ diet. This tasty pie topped with rosti is a great way to encourage your children to try something new.

Now you have some top tips, tricks and recipes to create healthy, delicious food for fussy kids. Instead of putting up with a constant stream of “I don’t like that” comments from your kids, you can be sure to have them making and enjoying a varied diet.