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There are few things that really satisfy that hungry feeling the way a lovely slice of fresh bread, slathered with some tasty spread, does. If you’ve really got an appetite, that basic bread and spread might turn into a mouth-watering sandwich; with more fillings added, but how healthy are the components of your sandwich? Here we’ll share recipes for some healthy sandwiches and toppings as well as help you discover what is the healthiest bread.

What is the healthiest bread?

Many of us will be aware that white bread is not the healthiest option when it comes to making your favourite sandwich, but which bread should you use? Here we’ll answer some frequently asked question to help you make a healthy choice.

  1. How much fibre is in wholemeal bread? Wholemeal bread can be a source of up to 15% of your daily recommended intake of fibre per slice. Although wholemeal is a healthier option than white bread, for an increased health kick, look for wholegrain bread which contains a variety of other health benefits, too.
  2. What is wholegrain bread? Wholegrain uses a dense wholemeal flour alongside a variety of grains. This makes it a great source of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals you need within a varied diet. It also has three types of fibre, which means it will keep you fuller for longer.
  3. How healthy is rye bread? If you’re wondering “is rye bread good for you?” the answer is yes! Rye bread is a denser bread as it is lower in gluten (but not gluten-free) and thanks to a low-calorie count and trace saturated fats is a healthy option. Rye bread offers similar health benefits to wholegrain bread, although it does contain less protein per slice.

Recipes for healthy sandwiches

Now you have all the information you need to choose the best bread for your sandwich, why not try some of our favourite recipes? Here are our top choices and why they have the healthiest fillings.

  • A Ploughman’s sandwich is a traditional favourite. With this recipe’s addition of apple and lettuce, plus using Flora Original instead of butter for a nice healthy lunchtime option.
  • Whipping up a healthy tuna sarnie is easy! This recipe uses light mayo and Flora Light as a butter alternative, so you don’t have to compromise on taste to have firm favourites in your sarnie.
  • Wraps like these recipes for a tuna, celery and mayo wrap or egg mayo and pepper wrap are a great alternative to a traditional sandwich. They are full of goodness thanks to omega-3 found in tuna and healthy options like pepper and celery, plus swapping traditional tortilla wraps for seeded or wholemeal will ensure these are healthy, too.

Here we’ve shown you how much fibre is in wholemeal bread and healthy options for other sandwich components. Now you can ensure you make the best sandwiches to beat the hunger while continuing to stay healthy.