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At Flora we believe plants are our future. Flora is 100% plant based, using only plant oils such as sunflower, linseed, rapeseed and responsibly sourced palm oil. Our Flora range is lower in saturated fat than butter, and naturally contains omega 3 and omega 6 which makes it a delicious, healthy choice, for the whole family.

Plant-based foods are more environmentally friendly than animal-based foods, so switching from butter to Flora can also contribute to a lower environmental impact of the diet.

For all these reasons, we’re committed to a plant-based future for Flora.

Flora today

Everyone deserves delicious, honest food. Celebrating the pleasure it brings to so many of you is an added bonus.

Since we began in 1964, we’ve understood the importance of giving you the best of taste, the freshest quality and the most balanced combination of ingredients.

As keeping you healthy and happy is our priority, we looked at our recipes and considered how we could make our delicious spreads even tastier. And why not make them better for the planet while we were at it? So that’s what we did.

Where we come from

Did you know we’re over 50 years old? Nurturing families with nature’s good stuff since 1964, we’ve always known plants were pretty good for you and could be turned into something very delicious indeed. A nifty way of taking care of everyone you love, as it were. On our journey to today we’ve seen and done a lot, which is why it’s always worth casting our minds back and looking at what we’ve achieved.

Just how did we come to be in millions of your fridges, on nightly dinner tables, little lunchboxes and even squirrelled away in mum’s ‘famous’ brownies you love? Let’s find out…

1964 ~ We launched regionally in Bolton and Brighton and were the first soft margarine made with vegetable fat and suitable for vegetarians. We talked a lot about the goodness and benefits of our spread and how we helped you maintain a healthy life.

1965 ~ We launched nationally this year and quickly became the UK’s best-selling spread. This was also when we first started talking about being the ones to put natural goodness into good eating.

1966 ~ We sponsored the 1966 England football team – who, need we remind you, went on to win…

1968 ~ Our nation-wide distribution began…

1976 ~ We started talking about how and why more men were turning to Flora in light of all of our benefits. That’s how the idea of the ‘Flora man’ was born!

1981 ~ The now-famous Terry Wogan association began with the celebrity acting in voice-overs on TV and radio.

1989 ~ Our Blooming Generation campaign launched with Alan Titchmarsh, who focused on talking to mums about caring for their loved ones.

1993 ~ The fat level in all of our spreads was reduced to 70%.

1996 ~ We sponsored the London Marathon!

2003 ~ This was a good year, as we were voted most trusted margarine/butter in the UK in the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands survey. We sponsored the 1000-mile challenge as well, where five contestants completed one mile on foot every hour or every day and night for 1000 hours (tough stuff).

2004 ~ We decided to launch a range of semi-skimmed milk drinks and yoghurts under our Flora ProActiv name. These new products contained cholesterol-reducing plant sterols and were the first of their kind.

2019 ~ We take our plant-packed mission to the next level by relaunching all of our spreads with great, new recipes to increase their deliciousness. Of course, this is the year all our spreads have become 100% plant-based. Go, plants, go!