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At Flora, it is our mission to make tasty products for you and your family to enjoy every day. We take time and care in developing our products to recipes which only use natural ingredients.
Our products are grounded in nature. We are committed to a strong ethos of naturalness, which first and foremost means that our ingredients come from nature, beginning with our plant oils – whether that is sunflower, coconut, rapeseed, sustainable palm or any other plant oils. It also means we are committed to processing that brings out the goodness of our natural ingredients.


What do we mean by ‘100% natural ingredients’?

This is a simple one. Where you see ‘100% natural ingredients’ on our packaging, you can be sure that everything inside that Flora products is grounded in nature. We then carefully blend these ingredients ensuring our plant-based foods are delicious, nutritious and of high quality.


What goes into your Flora products?

We try and keep our recipes simple: a blend of plant oils, natural flavours sometimes a little water and a hint of salt, carefully churned to ensure our plant-based foods are perfect every time.
Sometimes, we add some additional vitamins to make sure our products give you what is good for you, every day.
You can be sure that wherever you see ‘100% Natural Ingredients’ on our packaging, a great deal of time, care and passion has gone into selecting the natural ingredients inside Flora products for you and your family.