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How does it work?

ISI Sensory Marketing Research set up a blind taste test. Following a pre-screening selection process, only those who identified as “butter lovers” and had bought and used at least one block of regular butter in the last month were selected to take part. We ensured those selected purchased main brands of block butter: minimum quota set at 40% Lurpak Butter, 20% Country Life and 20% Anchor. Age range 18-65. 67% respondents were female and 33% male. Two test site locations: Nottingham and Reading. Date [August 2020]
Sample size: 300 consumers divided into two cells (Salted = 150 consumers / Unsalted = 150 consumers). Consumers in each cell only tasted one variety of Flora Plant B+tter. They were given [70g of each variety on white bread to taste] in a blind taste test and then asked various questions.



Question – blind taste test Result (out of 150 consumers per variety)
Do you love the taste of this product? Salted – 76%
Do you agree that this product tastes like a regular butter? Salted – 77%
Unsalted – 71%
Do you agree that this product is rich and creamy? Salted – 89%
Unsalted – 74%
Do you agree that this product has a great taste? Salted – 81%
Unsalted – 70%

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