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Climate change is a real and pressing issue. In fact, the UK parliament approved a motion declaring an environment and climate emergency in 2019 and the government has targeted an 80% reduction in carbon emissions, from 1990 levels, by 2050.

Figures like 80% and words like ‘emergency’ reinforce an important message, yet they can also overwhelm. We’re all conscientious planet-loving people who want to make a difference and are willing to make sacrifices but, let’s be honest, the smaller and more practical the adjustments to our lifestyle, the easier they are to make.

One of the simplest changes to make is to have more eco-aware shopping habits. We can choose items with less packaging, less plastic and a smaller carbon footprint - and plant-based food is a very good place to begin.

Research has shown that Flora Plant B+tter has half the climate impact of dairy butter*. We repeat, half the impact. Swap 250g of dairy butter for a 250g pack of Flora Plant B+tter and you’ll save 1.8kg of greenhouse gas emissions.

So a household of four people in the UK switching from dairy butter to Flora Plant B+tter for a year could save 79kg of greenhouse gas emissions. If you want some nice comparisons, that’s equivalent to 9,000 overnight charges of a smartphone (or every night for over 24 years), driving a petrol car more than 300 kilometres, 32 grilled beef burger patties, or 788 plastic bottles. Oh, and it’s wrapped in paper, not plastic, which we aim to make compostable in the very near future.

All this positive change just by swapping something delicious for something equally delicious but with half the climate impact.

*Based on peer-reviewed comparative lifecycle assessments conducted by Quantis in 2020 of FLORA PLANT B+TTER compared with dairy butter in the UK. For more information see the Quantis LCA Technical Summary below.

 Quantis Research - Comparative Lifecycle Assessment - Flora Plant Blocks

 Quantis Research - Comparative Lifecycle Assessment - Flora Plant Spreadable