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Can you use vegan butter for baking?

A plant-based lifestyle might conjure up images of freshly-cut salads, vegetable stir-fry’s and wholegrain meals, and while you might be correct some of the time, plant-based diets are broad and varied, and are not all created equal.

As an outsider looking in, generalisations about what constitutes as a vegan diet are easy to make. However, those who opt for diets free from animal products don’t necessarily wish to eat green foods day-in-day-out, and we enjoy eating sweet treats just as much as anyone!

And with baking being such a popular pastime in the UK, with shows such as The Great British Bake Off, it’s no wonder that we all want to join in at home – vegan or not.
So the question is: can you use vegan butter for baking?

If you’re thinking embarking on a baking challenge, but you’re also making the switch to a plant-based diet, or simply fancy swapping out certain dairy products, then read on for more information. 

Fancy baking something delicious right now using Flora Plant B+tter? Why not browse our tasty recipes? We recommend our chocolate and ginger cookies, or if it’s a cake you crave, then you can’t go wrong with our coconut cake. For a contemporary twist on a classic, choose our blondie brownie

Flora Plant B+tter: it was made for butter lovers

Made for butter-lovers? That’s right, people often forget that those of us who choose an alternative diet and lifestyle may have also once loved butter too.

Besides being a more sustainable alternative to butter - our Flora Plant B+tter tastes great, and allows you to enjoy the full range of flavours and foods that are available. 

Sustainability in the kitchen and beyond

Next time you get inspired by celebrity bakers, or reach for your latest baking book, you’ll be pleased to know that, by choosing Flora Plant B+tter, you’re taking the sustainable path too.

By combining great taste with a natural love for the planet, we champion sustainability, ensuring that it is a core feature of our product offering. So how do we do this? Put simply, we ensure that our products follow best practises ingredient-wise, we help to work towards ensuring a lower carbon footprint, and most importantly, we ensure that our products are good for you as well as being good for the planet. Our 100% naturally sourced plant ingredients are aligned with our focus on sustainability, and Flora Plant B+tter has a 50% lower carbon footprint than the same amount of dairy butter. (see more on sustainability here).

Find out more about our product range, and the benefits that come with them here.